Art journaling into the new year, and beyond

Happy New Year to you all!

As the year opens, I find myself feeling pretty energized, and wanting to dive in to myriad projects. One of these is a new series for my You Tube channel! ( Did you know I had a channel? Check it out here! ) I have been sharing my art journals and my process for the last year. But I will confess, as I became gradually accustomed to this new medium – I was very teacher-y. My default setting, my comfort place after years in the classroom was to interact and explain. I am proud of my Weekly Spark videos – and my commitment to successfully post one each week all year! But this year I wanted a change…

This year I have decided to teach less and return to MY personal practice in my art journal. But I want to share – and hope the videos are still inspirational and informative. So more music and less voice overs! I will be working with a theme each month – a motif to guide my pages… and I invite you all to art journal along with me!

Here is the schedule of themes – some of my very favorite symbols and motifs:

  • January – the hand
  • February – spiral
  • March – leaf
  • April – key
  • May – eyes
  • June – the moon
  • July – labyrinth
  • August – triquetra
  • September – florals
  • October – vessels
  • November – butterflies
  • December – goddess

Each month there will be an introductory blog post for inspiration, and discussion. The myth, the meanings, the symbolism is a major component of my work – and I want to share that with you. Look for the first post this week – on the symbolism of the hand! Each of these themes – I could work with each one for a year – it will be hard to streamline these posts. Oh! And I will have a Pinterest page as well. Stay tuned! Its all in the works!


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