“Queen of the Sea” – the May Art Elements COM reveal

I usually don’t title pieces. But wait til you see this one… It went through many fits and starts and emerged; making a rather regal statement. This month Lesley sent gorgeous shell slices – and I selected the satiny copper green seen below:


Shopping the stash: I pulled artist beads for the preliminary pairings. Marsha Neal Studio, Diana, Staci Smith, Tracey Donogue, Karen, Mary/White Clover Kiln, Diane Hawkey… 

In my head I saw the shell as the center dangle on a large/statement amulet piece. (I was directly inspired by Cathy’s piece using Lindsay’s leather cab. Thank to Cathy for her advice!) Here is the first incarnation:

As you can see – it was a “no-go”. I simply wasn’t happy with it. So I dove back onto the stash to see what else leapt out at me:

So you can see the plan for the overall composition here. Its going to be a large piece, wearable for special occasions? Or cosplay… Since I was fixated on this composition – Caroline’s luster cab was the best choice – both for scale and color. This wasn’t the color palette I would have ever predicted – but I love the two ceramic pieces together!


Beaded, and dangles selected: crystal points and mismatched headpins by Nikki Thornburg.

The beaded cab/bezel is sewn to the wire framework with 24 gauge wire running side to side. The supplemental wire ( visible on the bottom section) is to prevent the beaded cab from spinning in the wire frame.

Sketch for the necklace portion with possible gems. 

Trying out gem combinations – what do YOU think? I am leaning towards the oval aquamarines. While they are smaller in scale – the colors accentuate and visually link the  necklace to the shell. Those huge citrine nuggets are pretty yummy, though… I plan to stare at it for a few days – then finish it off with silk!
Until then – please take a look at the friends and colleagues participating this month! And  thanks Lesley for such a beauty!
Art Elements team
Laney Mead

11 thoughts on ““Queen of the Sea” – the May Art Elements COM reveal

  1. lesleyhw says:

    What a gorgeously epic design Jenny… I can’t wait to see a picture of this being worn in either the real or fantasy world! I can see why you are veering towards the aquamarine since they fit the palette and are very you…But I have to say it’s the Citrines that jumped out for me. They very subtly pick up some colour form Nikki’s headpins and just give an extra oomph. But either way it will be beautiful. Thank you for taking part in the challenge :0)


  2. Cathy s. Mendola says:

    Wow!! It turned out beautifully. Pairing Caroline’s ceramic cabochon with Lesley’s pendant was a perfect choice. Love all the danglies. I see what Lesley means about the citrines but those aquamarines really pull it all together. It pulls your eye from the pendant up to the necklace portion really well and sort of ‘bookends’ Caroline’s cab with that gorgeous blue/green color.


  3. lzzybeads says:

    I was always taught that blue and green should never be seen, which I think is daft because they go together, think sky and grass, or the deep ‘green’ sea… love the colour combination and I really love the bottom right hand ‘gem’ idea as for me the yellowy accent really makes the blues and greens pop 😀


  4. blueberribeads says:

    This is really stunning, I love how you’ve used my cab 🙂 I really like the pale gems top right, they look like sea foam and reflect the crystal dangles. Can’t wait to see it finished, it will definitely be fit for a queen!


  5. Lindsay S says:

    Stunning! I love when your stash directs you to something you would never have thought of…but it’s so utterly perfect. I like the aquamarines of all the gems, but feel like you might need to seek a bit further still…maybe something grayish, or more pitted-looking? That high polish on the stones might be a bit distracting…


  6. niky sayers says:

    Just YES! Jenny, I love your thought pattern and that you showed how you design, I love the other components that you have used in the design (oh, those head pins and crystals) and it is going to be AMAZING! I like the aquamarines but am very drawn to the citrine nuggets, they add a beautiful magical glow and just look lickable!!!


  7. Jess Green says:

    Oh my gosh this is just sooooooo fabulous! The bead palette in the first photo alone is to die for, loved seeing your process in selecting just the right components for the design – it’s one of my favourite parts of the process 🙂


  8. Chatelainecreations says:

    Wow it’s a beauty…. I like the citrine really gives it a lift but why can’t you use both ultramarine and citrines?
    They both give the piece something… would love to see what you decide. X


  9. Sarajo Wentling says:

    What a lovely collection of goodies you gathered to work on this challenge… serious drooling going on over here! I love the direction you’re going and look forward to seeing which gems you decided on. 🙂


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