Love is… the February Component of the Month reveal!


This month I had the pleasure of creating pieces for the Component of the Month at Art Elements blog. While February does bring hearts to mind – mine were “real”. They were damaged and repaired, they bore their scars – yet maintained their beauty. Or at least that was my inspiration.

I am thrilled to see what my team mates and out guests have created! ( Links at end of post) But let me show you what I did:


Follow your heart.

I HAD to put a heart and a compass together. This was a bonus cab, simple crackle without the tear and stapled repair that the larger hearts had… I wanted a follow your heart meaning. The heart cab is bead embroidered on Stiff stuff with a loose representation of flames, and a toy compass.  Then it has been stitched onto a new messenger bag I am altering. I want something that can get dirty at the studio. I plan to embellish it with patches, paint and stitches. A chance to wear my heart on my sleeve shoulder.



Starting to make my statements…. The butterfly is a shaped beaded pin. Shaped pieces are on my “to-do” list. The hand is from the AVAM.

So then I was thinking… I guess I should work with a heart like the components I mailed.  So I took a small stapled/crackle heart and created polymer wings. The wings are cut to fit exactly with the small cobalt heart. The piece is rather large for me – and brings to mind Egyptian scarabs… which I was ASLO working on for themed challenge at Art Elements. Phew. I’m not sure how I will finish this – silk? chain? gems? What do you think?


Take flight heart

So  – thanks for stopping by and thanks to all who participated this month! I think I will keep making hearts and share the love even though February is fading away…

And now without further ado: 


11 thoughts on “Love is… the February Component of the Month reveal!

  1. lesleyhw says:

    Both great pieces Jenny – he bag is going to be an amazing piece of mobile art I can tell! I would probably put the winged piece on a fairly short chain with maybe just a couple of gems..lapis…sodalite…something like that. Thanks for providing such great pieces to work with.

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  2. Cathy Mendola says:

    Love them both! You will have to keep us updated on the embellishing of the messenger bag-it’s going to be fabulous. As for the winged heart-swoon…. I would definitely use a combo of chain & glass beads to create a necklace that can be worn or hung on the wall!


  3. Rosantia Petkova says:

    This is going to be one unique bag! There is something ethnic about the first heart – the colors, the shape but the compass definitely changes the message 🙂 I think the heart with the wings can make a beautiful brooch. The wings have a silky look, love their finish!


  4. niky sayers says:

    First off thank you so much for the beautiful hearts it was a pleasure to work such a lovely piece and then oh my! Your bag is amazing and very inspiring and then the piece with the wings! A piece fit for a goddess I think it would look amazing with gems!


  5. Sally Russick says:

    Jenny, both pieces are wonderful!! I love the colorway of the “patch” heart, the colors and stitching look like flames behind the compass (I’ve got a thing for compasses, don’t get me started!)
    And the polymer clay wings in the second one, GORGEOUS!!
    I’m so glad I was able to participate in the challenge!! Thank you so much!!

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  6. Susan Kennedy says:

    Yes, what Sally said – the colorway for the heart is so awesome! And the wings for the heart are perfect, as you know – I would do your “your” with gems… Thanks for a great challenge!


  7. Lindsay S says:

    I have a bag I’ve been working on like that for years too! I really like the second version too, but it reminds me more of Icarus…perhaps a trail of falling feathers and drops?


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