I love airports. 

At the international arrivals gate in Philadelphia- yet I hear Hugh Grant in my head from “love actually”. Well I may not be IN Heathrow but I’m awaiting Lesley arriving from Heathrow. 

And experimenting with WordPress on my phone. How did it work? We shall see. 

Recipe for vacation.


2 parts “Travel” Reserve one, set aside. 

Season with city traffic, add ferry ride for garnish. 

arrival collage

 Marinate in equal parts sunscreen and salt water. The more time the better. Coat lightly with sand. 

sand castles

Spice things up with Trivial Pursuit games, and epic sessions of “Angry Birds”. Serve with a micro brew Heiffeweissen. 

faces collage

Savor the weekend with family on the Texas Gulf Coast. Enjoy! 

Return home rested, pink, happy tired…  with many memories!

travel collage

Time Flew. Had fun.

Oh heavens a week ago today I was home from Austin. Home late Wednesday night actually. Since i got home – its been a frenzy. Spoutwood May Day Faerie Festival is right around the corner. I need new collage/mixed media work for a local show, to hang on April 30th. The tax man was insisting we file his papers on time. Class to teach, chores…So I endeavor to catch up, and present a slide show of scenes and cuteness from Austin, Easter, and my lil nephew…

Above the clouds…

jet plane

Underfoot in Dallas…

Dallas mosaic

Good Morning! I am introduced to bunny and Gabba. ( Yo Gabba Gabba for you old fogies.)


Walking Pablo. 

walking Pablo

Easter Flowers…

easter flowers

Easter eggs!




More drawing… on the iPad…

more drawing



Alright – guilty as charged. I took adorable pictures of my nephew Jack and very little else. I did leave the house, see flora and fauna, hit a few favorite stores. Let me save those for tomorrow. 

sad Lucy

I know Lucy – I am sad I live so far away too!




Pronunciation: ?res-p?t also ri-?sp?t, British usually ?res-?p?t
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English respit, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin respectus, from Latin, act of looking back
Date: 13th century

1 : a period of temporary delay
2 : an interval of rest or relief


My trip to San Diego was great. There will be pictures soon, of class, and what I was working on. But the whole time was indeed a respite. A break from the routine of groceries, laundry, the day to day. Had a chance to visit with really good friends, and even a few furry ones.

elephantHave a little snack…

zebraposed for the camera..

meerkatand soaked up some sun! Wonderful trip! (uhh – then my camera battery died. So the rest of my zoo day was devoid of documentation… Oops!)