A cup of joe? NYC installation/inspiration.

If you know me, you know I love coffee. If you have met me, even if you havent met me, you probably know that about me. While we were in NYC last weekend, we literally stumbled upon this great installation. No, really. We came up on the Flatiron Building from its less iconic side…

Flatiron art space

installation 1

install 2

This is what I saw first. What is this pile of markers and cups? What is going on here? 

Oh heavens! I love it! Each one an individual work of art, suspnded, slowly turning…

install 3

I wish I had been able to see the artist working; interacting with, or ignoring passers-by. Would regular New Yorkers stop, and notice? 


There were designs, landscapes, portraits, street scenes. I could have remained captivated for hours, coffee in hand…

The artist’s name is Gwyneth Leech. She works in the space Tues. – Sat from 11-2 pm. The exhibit/installation, titled “Hypergraphia: The Cup Drawings” began in September, and runs through the end of this month. I haven’t had a chance to check out the website yet, but I fully intend to. So glad I chanced upon it. It was refreshing, and entertaining, and visually pleasing to be sure!




I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps…

The Garden

OK – so technically I didnt wake up in NYC. We took the train up for the day. This was a belated trip for my birthday. Happily – the belated time frame meant we could see the Frouds’ exhibit at Animazing Gallery, and perhaps a festive holiday window or two? 

Wendy's window

“Faerie Tale” and “After the Party” – polymer and mixed media by Wendy Froud. 

Toby's window

polymer and mixed media sculpture by Toby Froud

Labyrinth sketches: Brian Froud

Concept sketches for “Labyrinth” by Brian Froud. 

Brian's sketches of Ludo

This detailed sketch of Ludo was incredible. so detailed in the face, yet so loose and fluid in the figure.

Animazing Gallery

The exhibit is a must see if you are a fan of the Frouds’ work. (It runs into February.) I was excited to go – naturally. I have my original copy of “Faeries” by Brian Froud and Alan Lee – dog-eared, tattered, and well loved. I cannot think of another artist who influenced me more during my adolescence and early teen years. To know that there were working artists, creating fantasy artwork, seriously and successfully was huge to the fledgling artist in me. I feel fortunate to have met Brain and Wendy at FaerieCon, as I have discussed previously. But this exhibit was simply outstanding. Original paintings, in luminous color, that reproductions sadly do not capture perfectly. Sketches – the doodles, thinking out loud, as it were – the look of “Labyrinth” at its inception. Sculptures in the round, textures, fabrics, leathers right there in space in front of me. Images that I know well from the Heart of Faeries Oracle, seen framed on the gallery walls. 

Recently I borrowed and watched Wendy’s Faerie Figure DVD (available at Gnomon Workshop. Thanks to Sarah!) I dont sculpt figures very often, but I do create 3D work. It is a phenomenal video, and her hands work magic right in front of you! But to have seen the process, and heard her tricks and techniques, which she gladly shares – and then to see the originals! Simply breathtaking. I am humbled and amazed. 

Story Teller and Listeners

Listener detail

Listeners detail2

“Story Teller and listeners” Wendy Froud

And always humor mixed in with the magic and the mystery: 

window peeper

(He was a tiny wee fellow. The reflection of buildings, the angle, the cropping – do give him a sense of grandeur, do they not?)

Please stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of the NYC adventure. Wait until you see the Macy’s windows…and the Flatiron art installation. Come back tomorrow.