FaerieCon m.a.g.i.c -C is for costumes

And finally we come to this. The final FaerieCon post, long overdue. The event ended two weeks ago, and we all try to maintian a little of the FaerieCon magic in our mundane lives. For me, back to the ceramics studio in my standard uniform – jeans, Dansko clogs, a tee shirt. 

I don’t dress up very often. Even when I go out, I wear comfortable, stylish clothes – nothing extreme, just plenty of jewelry. FaerieCon give a person a chance to go for it – to exceed the normal. There are Steampunk explorers and chrononauts, faeries of every shape and size, djinn, trolls, ogres, elves… The clothing is creative to the extreme. And there is Good Faeries Ball and Bad Faeries Ball, remember. You have opportunities to showcase your ego, your alter ego…. Items are purchased over the course of the year with costumes in mind. Full ensembles, components, mix and match…with such spectacular results!

Gnome wee one hitches a ride...

gnome baby

Gorgeous djinn allows a photo. 


Pirate in training with his lovely wench/mother!

Wench and wee pirate

Myself  – in Threads of Time bodice – with Megan and Mmy. 

JDR, MMy and Megan

The Wizard from Dover… 

Wizard of Dover

Squee! Posie and Teasel stop by for a visit!

Posie and Teasel

Melissa in all her finery! 

Fae Melissa

I love my Threads of Time bodice. Reversible! Shame you cant see my Xylem skirt. It was my jester inspired look. 

JDR and Megan

It is with sadness that I confess I do not have a picture on my Moresca outfit. Next time. I have wanted a Moresca outfit since i was a teenager and saw their gorgeous clothes at the Maryland Rennaissance Festival. And now I have a reason and a place to wear them!

Ravishing in Reyen

I mentioned Reyen Designs in my “G is for good neighbors” post. Isnt she ravishing?! And yes – she IS wearing satyr furry pants, complete with hooves and tail. 

And so – my FaerieCon posts are coming to a close. Back to the realm of artwork, teaching, and tending to a pair of crazy canines. Please stay tuned. To my Fae friends – please stay in touch. It is nice to know you are out there. Until next year…what will you wear? 

FaerieCon m.a.g.i.c – G is for good friends, good neighbors

Robert Frost said “Good fences make good neighbors” That sprang to mind when I sat down to gather my thoughts  for this post. Good neighbors make for a good festival. Good neighbors also make good friends – and vice versa. This FaerieCon I was in my regular space, my home away from home. I have vended the event three years running in the upstairs hall. Yes, its hard to select and filter what to bring for a 6′ table display when I am accustomed to a booth. But to be surrounded by friends, old and new; to listen to fantastic music during the Masquerades; take a look: 

JDR table

Let me introduce you to some of my gypsy fae family. 

Sarah and JDR

Sarah and I have been friends for years – she was one of my first friends when I moved to Delaware. One summer she and her teenage kids ( my students) gave me a wee soft sculpted artist doll mermaid. A few years later, she and I are set up side by side at FaerieCon. She was the person who introduced me to FaerieCon and planted the seed that we should each vend! And she is one helluva a baker, too…


You can find her on Etsy at ToadstoolsNTreestump!

Sarah and I met Kimberly of Goblin Bazaar at the first Baltimore FaerieCon. If her shop is closed – she is either out geocaching of catching fae critters… She runs an adoption agency of sorts, coaxing the critters in from the wild and finding them homes with open minded magically aware humans. Some need love, others understanding, but they find the right match in the end. 

Kimberly and JDR

And there are goblins. Nose Goblins, Oak goblins… goblins wearing exquisite leather masks – they might let you wear one as well with just the right bribery. Of course I am talking about Goblin Road! Robert represents this husband and wife business/team at FaerieCon, and he is a welcoming presence, a wealth of information, freely shared. He has a certain “je ne sais quoi”. 

Robert Goblin Rd

We adopted Dru` the oak goblin a year ago (?) and he is a welcome addition to our family. (Dru` is Gaelic for oak, naturally.)

oak goblin

One additional friend, although not on our hallway – Noelle! She is a multi-faceted actress, performer, artist who never ceases to amaze me. I am so glad that FaerieCon and Frenchy and the Punk brought us together! Wouldn’t quite be the same if you werent there, darling! (Scott and Samantha you were missed! Hope you can return to the Realm next year!)

Noelle and JDR

And this hallway was the place to be! New people to meet! Much fun to be had! (And the lights bounced! Inside joke…)

Meredith Dillman – I was familiar with her work from the Interwebs – great to meet her. A picture, you ask? Sorry, no. How about her work? I love “Kitsune”!

Dillman Kitsune

There are many faeries and lovely and mysterious ladies on her site as well. But I can never resist a fox fae!

I was thrilled to see Reyen Design Studios on the map across from me! I am familiar with their wool and silk felted creations from previous FaerieCons and Spoutwood. Hand dyed, merino wool felted onto silk – they defy words. A must to see, feel, wear. And such good neighbors! ( This picture is a rough phone shot, but I had to do it…) Serenading Satyrs!

Reyen satyrs

Last but not least – Danielle from Earthly Leather Designs. We were Etsy acquaintances, and I am thrilled her first FaerieCon was a smashing success! Here’s to many more! (And hoping we get to chat a bit next time!) 

Earthly Leather

Thank you for being the best neighbors a girl, and her dryad, could wish for. Have a wonderful year, til next we meet!