Bead Fest, bead swap, bead abundance.

When I left for Philadelphia Saturday morning, with Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio, I had the best laid bloggy plans. We were headed to Beadfest. I wanted to take pictures of inspirational items, gorgeous gems, beautiful beads, and the people…Here is all I managed: 



Once there – it was a frenzy of shopping, familiar faces, chatting, shopping… Such a great day! And the camera stayed in my pocket. Oh well. I can show you the loot, and there is some loot…

A highlight of the day was the Bead Swap organized by Diana of Suburban Girl Studio. This wasnt about a contest, or a challenge, or a blog entry – it was simply a great way to meet, and share the beady goodness with friends old and new! My new friend and swap partner was Meredith Arnold – a very talented and humorous lady! I crashed her class and got a handful of her gorgoeus polymer beads! They are a bit of a challenge as I am a gemstone junkie, but I already am starting to have some ideas!

swap beads

Then there is the shopping, the loot, the treasure. Lets start with artist beads, shall we? 

artist beads

goedes and fossils

Geode slices and fossilezed starfish!


Amazonite, calcedony, mystery gem, sapphire!!!, kyanite. 

loot 2

Moonstone, calcedony (?) and yes, more moonstone…

gems loot

Apatite, mystery gem, amethyst, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, moonstone, lapis, garnet, labradorite, amazonite. 

I know. I bought quite a bit. I get dazzled by the gemstones in all their glory. But I am officially doing Art on the Avenue in October as a “jewelry/mixed media” artist. Meaning I am juried in for jewelry, a coveted spot, and I am allowed to bring tiles and shrines as well. So excited!

After the shopping and swapping marathon – time for a little wine and conversation! The large group of us settled in at Legal Seafoods, and had a great evening! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and chat with people whose work I admire, people who were inspirational/influential to me when I began making ceramic beads, people whose blogs I read regularly. Thank you all, it was a pleasure!

candid camera

Candid camera with Lorelei Eurto and Diane Hawkey. (Elaine Ray and Cynthia Deis look on…)

dinner 1

Nancy Schindler/Round Rabbit, Lisa Petrillo, Lorelei Eurto, Diana P/Suburban Girl. 


Mary and Molly Hubbard/White Clover Kiln, Melanie/Earthenwood Studio


Kristie Roeder/Artisan Clay, Melinda Orr, Marsha/Marsha Neal Studio

I hope there are many future meetings in our futures!



Pearls in a pod…Beadfest, and BTW

Pearls pod bracelet

Pearls in pod slices. With a ceramic focal, made by… me. Gee – who would have guessed? That was on my bead table for the weekly Bead Table Wednesday Flickr group. Then it was on my wrist after that. 

OK – lets get to the eye candy…Last Friday – I took a day off, a field trip, and a business trip all rolled into one. Marsha (of Marsha Neal Studios) and I headed to Beadfest outside Philly. My furry kids were in daycare, as where Marsha’s flesh and blood children…I had a budget. (Please dont ask how THAT went. )

As soon as we arrived we saw Barbara Lewis doing a great demo – enameled beads. Its magic, and fire, and instant gratification!

Barbara Lewis

Thriiled to run into Shelby of SunDown Bead Designs, a friend from last years ArtBliss retreat! Chatted a bit about the DE Etsy street team, and them commenced the shopping. (Her blog entry on Beadfest is here.)

Shelby and me.

It is overwhelming. The vast amounts of gorgeousness, the gemstones, the one of a kind artisan beads, imports, cabochons…sigh. Bounty! Treasure!

Table of teasures at Bead Dreams of New York. 

Joanne Z

Joanne Zekowski – friendly, funny, and incredibly creative. Her glass beads are both new and unique, yet ancient and mysterious!

Joan MIller owls

Porcelain owls by Joan Miller. Even as a ceramics person, I am amazed by what this woman can accomplish in the medium!

And in my hands, and on my work table: Briolettes and drops for earrings. 

loot 1

loot 2

Green Girl Studio.  ( That is where I lost control of said budget.)

Riverstone Bead Co. – drilled pebbles. 

Joanne Zekowski glass beads

Loot 3

Labradorite, moonstone and garnet were the only things I actually had on my “Need” list… ( Aren’t they always on that list, Jenny?)

loot 4

loot 5

Small stamps in lowercase! Thank you PJ Tools! And I didnt have to pay an arm for the set! Since you do need both arms if you are stamping the metal…

Alright, I better get to work. The Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival is in early June. See you there?