The Art Elements reveal: bees!

When Niky posted her inspiration post I immediately knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to sculpt the classic Minoan bee goddess…

One thing I am trying to use this Corona-time for is sculpting new OOAK tiles, as all my shows are cancelled until???? ( Trying not to dwell on that, and the implications therein…) But I also got a crazy idea to MOVE MY STUDIO. ( Pictures coming soon #quaratineproject ) Umm that means you aren’t creating much new work, doesn’t it?

I dove into researching this Bee goddess, as I do… and fell into a rabbit hole. Meet Austeja, the Lithuanian Bee Goddess:

Art by Q. Cassetti

Heavens! I was in love! The flowers. The style! The colors! “Austeja, the Bee Goddess, is the ultimate queen bee. Austeja has dominion over bees, hives, honey, and the flowers needed to make honey. She also cares for people, promoting and protecting abundance, fertility, and growth. She offers special protection to brides, pregnant women, and beekeepers, too. Austeja serves as guardian of the family but is also the one true mother of the bees. Lithuanian hives were kept high within trees partially to keep bees close to their mother.” (From this site referencing this book by J. Illes…)

Her festival was in August; dancing was involved. Offerings thrown into the air…honey was revered in the Baltic region. Luckily this morning I was able to trace the images and give proper credit here. ( Next rabbit hole – researching the artist.)

So you know what is coming…

rough outline for composition
Rough sculpt for the body and wings – will be carved later!
An exuberance of flowers….

I am so sorry that I didn’t get further! She will have at least one bee overhead. All of the roughly sculpted areas will be carved and finessed when the clay is leather hard – including carving patterns into her wings. Her hat will be carved to resemble a bee skep.

Post from the artist on doing the ENTIRE XMAS THEME for Gallerie Lafayette – Paris’ large department store! Animatronic Bee queens! Saving this for later!

And now for the Hop portion of today’ post! You know what to do! Thanks for stopping by!

AE team:














Evie and Beth


13 thoughts on “The Art Elements reveal: bees!

  1. marshanealstudio says:

    I love your tiles Jenny. I had no idea that there was even a bee goddess. Cannot wait to see how she progresses and receives her colors 🙂


  2. sarajowentling says:

    I’m excited to see where this tile goes, Jenny! The depictions of the Lithuanian Bee Goddess are just dreamy and are a fabulous inspiration! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Alysen says:

    I agree that the Lithuanian Bee Goddess is so much more colorful and intriguing than the Minoan goddess!!! And I’m sure that your carving will be just as intriguing (and colorful?)


  4. Hope Smitherman says:

    I’ve never even heard of a bee goddess! But, it makes complete sense. Yes, the art for the Lithuanian goddess is definitely inspiring. I can see how it drew you in. And, it looks like your take on her is comping along perfectly! I’m sure it’s going to be stunning. Best of luck on the studio move too!!


  5. Catherine Mendola says:

    Wowza! I am in love with the bee goddess. The artwork you are using as inspiration is so cool. I can’t wait to see your interpretation once you’re done. I really love how you have created her lower bee body. She’s going to bee awesome.


  6. Kathy Lindemer says:

    I love all your goddesses but your bee goddess is out of this world. I look forward to seeing the finished piece. I wasn’t familiar with the Gallerie Lafayette and their Christmas preparation. It must be a fascinating experience. What an honor!


  7. Evie and Beth says:

    I can’t wait to see when your piece is completed. Just what you have done is amazing. I am so in love with those images you saved. Mom and I were drooling and I had to save one of the images to my Pinterest board. You got the creative juices flowing.


  8. niky says:

    Jenny what an amazing piece, I have no doubt it will be utterly stunning and am looking forward to seeing it! Thank you so much for joining in this month x


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