Fern fronds… the June AJE Component of the Month reveal

Has it really been a month? A month of creative students at Clay Camp, commissions, beads, books, and frolicking with the fae in the woods… Pictures to follow in short order. But its time for the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month reveal – that’s for sure! 

This month’s lovely focal is the work of AJE teamate Linda Landig. Linda is new to ceramic clay and was generous enough to share some of her first fired treasures with the team and readers. When I saw this fern – I called “Dibs” as fast as my fingers could fly over the keyboard. From first glance, I intended to hang the fern pendant point up, and extend the copper along the bottom to have room for dimples and dangles. The fern was a bit larger that I expected, so I decided to keep the copper tab setting more form fitting. I flipped the setting as I decided to roll the tabs over the top of the piece – not only holding the stoneware in, but creating a channel for stringing material. The bottom tabs, and hole/dangel complete the secure tab setting. 

Fern tab setting

The back has a curled fern cut out, and is stamped with the words – peace, growth, strength. These are symbolic meanings associated with the fern. My initial suede lace arrangement (seen above) was too thin, too stretchy. I was committed in my mind’s eye to the suede as it was the perfect rust tone to echo the iron stain in the super detailed fern imprint. 

Everything in me wanted to use green. I was trying to avoid that as too predictable. I mean ferns are green, sure. but there isnt a RULE… In the end there is a bit of light green, as well as pod beads, wood grain jasper, copper chain… The necklace is very long, over 30″ – but that was the place it seemed to “fit” best.  I like its eclectic, organic design. 

Fern fronds CoM

(There are jump rings employed at variable spaces to connect the suede to the chain. Keeps it loose, yet under control.)

 fern fronds details.

( I included this one for scale – as my hand will give you a reference.) 

Thanks Linda! This was super fun – any reason to design unique tab settings, and I am there!

Please head over to the Art Jewelry Elements blog to see the team members and readers contibutions! There will be diverse offerings to entertain and inspire ! 

13 thoughts on “Fern fronds… the June AJE Component of the Month reveal

  1. Therese says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I love what you did with the fern fossil clay pendant Linda designed. That was a good idea to turn the pendant upside down it just seems to fit that way. I like all the elements you pulled together to make a beautiful necklace.


  2. mischelle andrade fanucchi says:

    Love love love your necklace.
    It makes me want fall right now..
    Since it is 104 today.. lol
    Great job and have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Ann says:

    What a wonderful design. It does look organic and as beautiful from the front as the back. I like how you stamped those lovely words on the back of the setting. The leafy stoneware pendants were some of my favorites of Linda’s garden collection, and it is so fun to see how beautiful they turned out!


  4. Linda Landig says:

    Jenny, your necklace is absolutely stunning! I love the originality of your design! I never would have thought to flip it “upside down”. And it looks fantastic this way. I love that your tabs are curling like new fern fronds do and that the back of the setting echos that theme and adds to it with the words. Amazing. You did my clay piece proud! Thank you.


    • jenny says:

      Glad you approve! I love the detail in the fern impression. Nicely done in groggy stoneware… You challenged me because it was bigger than I imagined – so thanks! Good came of it! 


  5. Keirsten says:

    OMG I LOVE how you used it upside down! Your brain is a wondrous thing. You’ve knocked it out of the park again with your bezel–even the tabs look like fern fronds!! Your pierced fern frond design is brilliant–I love that you can see the stoneware through the back, and a little message too.


    • jenny says:

      Thanks Keirsten – I love tabs for that reason – the function and design simultaneously. I was going to paitn/tint the back, but I like stoneware and kept it as is… And we all know I love a secret message in my work – to reveal or conceal as you see fit. 


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