August holds the key. (AJE reveal)

August CoM

It was a treat to have a deadline right after Beadfest. No, I am serious. It meant I was obligated to be in the studio Friday, not cleaning, or glazing, or running errands. Sure – there was a bit of pressure as I had one day only. But this focal was easy/lovely/inspiring… 

Made by Melissa – they are copper, solder, and charms. I received a key – and knew right away I away going to do a bracelet. 

Inspiration pile

It started here with these amazing lampwork beads from Kaz Balidon of Cheeky Cherub. They are planets to get lost in, deep rich jewel tones with flecks of silver. I wanted to play up the bead palette, and finally use them! Melissa’s focal was SO versatile that I knew I cooudl go in any direction… 

Design collage

I wanted a multi strand bracelet. This fiber was too big; that fiber too small. Colors were off… so seed beads. Looking for a color to enhance and not compete with the lampwork. Here is the result: 


The seed beads are a bit dark, but I like the volume of the three strands. It is well balanced and doesnt get to floppy when worn: 

While worn

( I was parked in the driveway, people!)

Please stop by the blogs of my AJE colleagues and our guests this month! I look forward to seeing what designs they unlocked with their treasures… I have keys on the brain now and am headed back to the studio to work on a mixed media bracelet. Coffee is perked, I am inspired!

Thanks for stopping by… 






10 thoughts on “August holds the key. (AJE reveal)

  1. Monique says:

    Jenny, I think you made the right decision with these elements, the seed beads are a natural pairing with the dramatic lamp-work and awesome focal. Looks gorgeous on your wrist!

    I agree with you, this was a great kick-starter for ideas. I found Melissa’s component had so many possibilities, I had a hard time making a decision and sticking to a plan 🙂


  2. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    When I saw this component, of course the first thing I gravitated to is the key 😉 I started on another blog and said that I would hunt down the owner of the key, and it is you! Found you on my second try 😉 I love what you did. You were able to gently curve the key to fit the wrist. Was that easy? I would have been scared to do that! Beautiful assortment of beads too! Enjoy the day! Erin


  3. CraftyHope says:

    That key was one of my favorites of the morsels Melissa sent out (of course, they are all awesome). You did such an awesome job with it. I like the way you curved it and made it so perfect for a bracelet. The seed beads really did work out best. Beautiful!


  4. Melissa Meman says:

    Yay! I am so glad you made a bracelet. Yours was the only key I got made in time, so you are unique, and it is beautiful. Thanks so much for participating in my little component hop. It means so much to me to see such gorgeous designs! Love ya!


  5. Perri Jackson says:

    I love how you combined all of the disparate elements with your lovely focal – and it was fun to hear about your process of choosing. The bracelet looks great on, too!


  6. Linda Younkman says:

    Love your bracelet Jenny. What a great combination and the multistrand works well. That focal is awesome as well. It was wonderful to meet you at Bead Fest. Can’t wait to see the key inspiration pieces from your studio.


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