Hello my Focus on Life photo/journey/challenge compatriots. I usually post on Instagram – altho I missed a few, and dont get to interact with you too much. I am usually teaching ceramics class every Saturday morning, and never seem to get a post written ahead of time… Please follow my pix on FB, and Instagram, and here – when I can. 

(The scoop on Focus on Life can be found here for those of you that are curious.)

I spent last Sunday with a group of Stunners. Thats the Pre-Raphaelite term for their gorgeous ideal woman, their muse, that inhabit their paintings. I also spent time with real life beauties – my friends that accompanied me to the exhibit! It was a lovely day, hard to describe. The artwork touches a deep place in my heart and soul. It was wonderful to share the exhibit with like minded people. I ended the day feeling full, happy, sated, inspired, exhausted, euphoric…. 

Here are pix from that day – including my “Curve” themed shots. 

Grey DC

Mansfield's Atalanta

Mansfield's Diana

Diana the Huntress

Sculptures are: “Atalanta” and “Diana the Huntress” by Paul Manship. Divinely Deco, fabulously female, marvelously mythic – my style! ( If the style looks familiar – have you seen the “Prometheus” in gold that dresides at Rockefeller Center? Yup. Same artist.)

NGA fountain

I think I take a picture like this every time I am at the National Gallery. It never ceases to enchant me. 


 I will admit – I have not posted pix the last 2 weeks. “Wrapped up” and “Possibilities” So I submit this catch up photo – for both! I am deep into preparing for my first show, and I am all wrapped up in clay. The posssibilities are endless!

Possibilities: clay

Have a wonderful week everyone. I hope to see your pix out there on the Interwebs. Happy Spring!


19 thoughts on “Curves….

    • jenny says:

      There is an architectural installation of glass pyramids/skylights  by I.M. Pei between the 2 wings of the National Gallery. Underneath the pyramids is a walkway, bookstore and cafe. Where the outdoor pryamids/fountain meet the underground space there is a window well and a waterfall. That pix is taken underground, through glass. Does that make sense? Its wicked cool! Heres a pix from ground level:


  1. Tanya says:

    I love those sculptures and your photos of them are amazing. I love that middle photo. It’s such an interesting angle. I looked at the ground picture and can see about where it is, but it looks like it’s a “had to be there” shot. 🙂


    • jenny says:

      I love the Iphone camera – and the small size. You can do things over your head, one handed, below eye level… and get shots that arent the usual… The waterfall pix is weird if you havent seen it. Imagine standing a foot from a waterfall, sloping down towards you to puddle at your feet. But its behind glass, splashing the glass not you. Surreal – to be so close… 


    • jenny says:

      I love DC. I lived in the sburbs in VA for 10? years. The Smithsoniam Museums are all old friends. Its a great place to go – much to do! 


    • jenny says:

      Museums are my safe place, a second home. I dont go as often I’d like – and then when I go I tell myself I have to go more often. They are so restorative for the soul…. I havent ever been to Ottawa…. Maybe some day!


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