Beach weekend:

Sales at show in Lewes: many. (I didnt count)

Flavors of water ice consumed: 2 (Mango and coconut)

SPF worn: 90 and 55

Morning walks on beach with latte: 2

Intact clam shells collected: 14

Ideas for said shells in the studio or in shrines: 4

Books read: 2

Dolphins sighted: dozens

Baby dolphins sighted: 6?

Cost of rental umbrella: $18

Safety of the shade: priceless

Pictures taken: 0 (Sand and salt and new iphone? No thanks.)

3 thoughts on “Beach weekend:

  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love this list! Congratulations on all the sales — and I’d say the ideas for the shrines is priceless, too!


    • jenny says:

      Some people would say that salt and sand is bad for your camera too! The solution: just put your picture taking device in a ziploc bag. No brainer…


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