Oh yes, I still work with clay…

Mugs trimmingMugs being trimmed on the wheel.

mugs doneCompleted mugs drying on the shelf in the studio.

And a haiku:

Trio of thrown mugs

awaiting glaze and the kiln

Tea in three time zones.

(When done, they will reside in San Diego with Cooky at The Shepherdess; and with K. Lo Bue in Sydney, and in DE with me…)

3 thoughts on “Oh yes, I still work with clay…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, those mugs… I’m sure they won’t disappoint and as a trio will find their individual homes welcoming – yet always connected to each other because of their common ancestry through clay, your hands, and the firings (and much more…).

    Nice to see some of the other stuff you work on here and there…



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Marsha – those were my thoughts exactly! The three of us have an annual reunion of sorts once a year, but I find them both huge inspirations to me and my work…. so I welcome the ‘link’! And I throw so rarely – it was nice to have a specific goal in mind!


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